New Blog: The Demented Plane

On March 29, 2011, in Announcements, Humor, by ubiquitous

I’ve added a blog to work in alliance with my Michael teachings humor site. It’s called “The Demented Plane” and I hope to update it at least once a month — perhaps more when I have the time. It’s one of those “just for grins” projects; an amusing diversion from the part of my life that involves sick parents, dying dogs, hackers, and missing cats. We all deserve some fun on occasion, don’t we?

Either way, you’ll find a comfortable recliner, a telephone, a TV, and a little psychosis — all the things you’d ever want in a blog.

So go check it out and bookmark it for later. And if you have a site, link to it. You can also add a comment, and if you really like the blog, just go ahead and lick your monitor screen.

Here’s the URL:

The Michael Teachings & Beyond



Michael Teachings Parody

On March 25, 2011, in Announcements, Humor, by ubiquitous

Some of you might remember that I used to have a parody of the Michael teachings at a site on Geocities. It’s been down for a couple years now after Geocities closed its doors, but in a flash of lunacy — the moon was full recently — I decided to resurrect it. I both spruced up the old material and added new stuff.

You’ll find a wacky Michael quiz, a rude personality test, pictures from a Michael gathering, criteria to tell if your Michael channel is crazy, an interview with Michael, and even actual photographic evidence of agape itself. You won’t want to miss that.

Be forewarned that the site is irreverent and meant to be silly by intention. In other words, do not take any of it seriously. I already had someone ask me if Michael really did play Pinhead in the Hellraiser movies. The answer is yes, of course, but don’t let that get around.

Here’s the new URL:

Michael Teachings Humor

Have fun! 😉



Channeling: The Overleaves Series

On March 5, 2011, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Shepherd Hoodwin is back this Sunday to continue his year long channeled series on the overleaves. Here’s the announcement:


This Sunday (March 6, at 6-8 p.m. Pacific/9-11 p.m. Eastern) will be a continuation of the channeled series on the overleaves. We won’t be taking personal questions or channeling overleaves during this session.

Here is where you go to listen live on the 6th:

There’s a written chat room for questions and commentary, as well as socializing before and after:

Please keep off-topic chat to a minimum during the broadcast. If you have a question for Michael, prefacing it with QUESTION: will make it easier for our moderator, Dave Gregg, to see it. If you have trouble getting into the chat room, you might try a dedicated IRC program. It’s a good idea to test your chat room connection well ahead of time. We start and end strictly on time because BlogTalk regulates our “air time” just like a regular radio station.

When I channel, there may be quiet periods, especially at the beginning, while Michael is working with the group energy. It is recommended that you use that time to meditate and notice what you are experiencing.