Soul Age — An Online Guide

Soul age is a powerful concept in the Michael teachings that charts the development of the soul as it progresses through a series of lifetimes. Many life lessons come to bear during this progression and knowing the soul age of a person is a valuable tool in understanding the motivations and perspectives of others.

There are many excellent resources about soul age online, so the following recommendations were selected to highlight what are considered to be the best sources of this material.

Soul Age
A well-written and lively article about soul age and the seven levels within each soul age. If you’re new to the concept of soul age, this is an excellent place to start.

Soul Age Channeling
Shepherd Hoodwin channeled this outstanding two-part piece on soul age from a personal to societal perspective.

Soul Age Channeling – Part Two
The continuation of Shepherd Hoodwin’s excellent channeling about soul age.

The Mature Soul Society
Michael student, John Roth, explores how a predominantly Mature soul society would work.

Old Soul
The sometimes elusive traits of the old soul are revealed in this article by Phil Wittmeyer.

Soul Age By Country
A list of the average soul age by country.

Soul Age (Selected Posts)
From the Michael Teachings Archives site, here is a growing selection of writings about soul age by various authors.

Soul Age Articles
This is the main index of articles at the MT site.

You Know You’re An Old Soul When…
A funny list of mock old soul traits.


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