Overleaves Photo Comparison

On June 22, 2013, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

A recent project I undertook was to compile a useful photo comparison of the overleaves. So far I’ve done pages for the attitudes, the modes, and the goals. The success behind this endeavor obviously rides on the accuracy of the channeling and making sure that a recognizable pattern emerges in the photos that shows the particular overleaf. Sometimes a person can be channeled as a realist, for instance, but most of the photos you find for that individual are predominantly showing another overleaf energy at that particular moment. You can’t just grab some overleaves of a celebrity, post a photo, and expect these patterns to magically appear. It requires some work to discern just what energies are showing in the image.

With that said, I was surprised at how well these overleaf patterns revealed themselves. The attitudes and the modes seem more apparent then the goals, but I think the comparisons are still rather astonishing. This should be a very useful resource in helping you identify the overleaves you see in the people around you; in family, friends, coworkers, and so on. I know it has already helped me improve my understanding of what these energies look like.

I’ll probably do a page on the chief features, and out of curiosity I’ve added some comparison photos to the soul age page, but I’m still tinkering with it and have more work to do. Let me know if you like these pages and if they’re helpful. Enjoy!

Seven Attitudes Photos

Seven Modes Photos

Seven Goals Photos