Even More Old Soul Videos

On January 5, 2017, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Yes, the video series about the Old soul continues. I’m not sure when it will end but the stream of informative material is appreciated. In this selection, there’s a list citing the traits of Old soul love, and in the next video, Michael channeling is featured that looks at old soul love with more depth. I hope you enjoy both of these new entries.

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

Learn more at the old soul playlist.


Channeling About Old Soul Love

Watch an introduction to the old soul.


New Videos About the Old Soul

On December 26, 2016, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Here are two more videos about the Old soul.

Sometimes you get on a productive roll and you’re able to crank out one project after another. These old soul videos will be part of a larger playlist collection on YouTube, and the collection will grow over time. One of the videos is humor, so be fair warned.

Old Soul Elitism


Signs You’re an Old Soul (Humor)

Here’s a link to the old soul playlist.



The Old Soul (A New Video)

On December 24, 2016, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Here’s a new video about the Old soul. It’s a short but pithy introduction to the soul age and I’m told more videos will be added to the playlist. Much has been written already about old souls in general but this clip should offer some grounded insights on the topic — and with a video experience.

The Old Soul 

Find a playlist of other videos about the old soul here: https://goo.gl/2Eh0uO


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The Michael Teachings: An Introduction (New Video)

On November 22, 2016, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Here’s a new video on YouTube that was created about the Michael teachings.

It’s an introduction to the teachings and it’s the first in a series of other videos to be created about the Michael teachings, among other topics.

Take a look:

The Michael Teachings (Introduction)


For more videos, try the Michael teachings channel or go directly to the playlist.

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Abbey Normal – Spiritual Healer & Psychic

On September 26, 2016, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Abbey Normal is not a Michael teachings channel, but I have used her services and found her spiritual healing services quite complimentary.

Here’s my review about her at the Michael teachings blog.

Click on the link below:

Abbey Normal (Spiritual Healer) | A REVIEW


To watch the YouTube review about Abbey, here’s that link:

Abbey Normal Review


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Michael Student Gloria Constantin

On July 17, 2015, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Gloria Constantin, a long-time Michael student, has put together a splendid spiritual site (Living From Your Essence) that features inspiring blog posts and transformative services — such as Past Life Regression, Life Between LivesHuman Design, Life Purpose coaching and Spiritual Counseling. She’s also offering a new take on astrological charts with her groundbreaking Gauquelin Astrology service. There’s simply a bevy of tantalizing riches to be found at her site and I encourage you to go see what she’s doing.

If you’d like to support Gloria’s work, consider adding a link to her site or post about her on Facebook or Twitter. Pass it forward!

Here’s the main URL:




Overleaves Photo Comparison

On June 22, 2013, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

A recent project I undertook was to compile a useful photo comparison of the overleaves. So far I’ve done pages for the attitudes, the modes, and the goals. The success behind this endeavor obviously rides on the accuracy of the channeling and making sure that a recognizable pattern emerges in the photos that shows the particular overleaf. Sometimes a person can be channeled as a realist, for instance, but most of the photos you find for that individual are predominantly showing another overleaf energy at that particular moment. You can’t just grab some overleaves of a celebrity, post a photo, and expect these patterns to magically appear. It requires some work to discern just what energies are showing in the image.

With that said, I was surprised at how well these overleaf patterns revealed themselves. The attitudes and the modes seem more apparent then the goals, but I think the comparisons are still rather astonishing. This should be a very useful resource in helping you identify the overleaves you see in the people around you; in family, friends, coworkers, and so on. I know it has already helped me improve my understanding of what these energies look like.

I’ll probably do a page on the chief features, and out of curiosity I’ve added some comparison photos to the soul age page, but I’m still tinkering with it and have more work to do. Let me know if you like these pages and if they’re helpful. Enjoy!

Seven Attitudes Photos

Seven Modes Photos

Seven Goals Photos


Channeled Q & A

On May 31, 2013, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

The channeled Q & A at the Michael Teachings site is finally finished. There had been a lesser version of this project at the site already, but it had become too cumbersome to update. Everything has now been migrated to a special forum where the material can be organized more effectively. In short, all of the Q & A’s are now categorized by subject. The obvious value is that you can read a large collection of channeled answers from Michael on a variety of topics.

Here’s the link:


I hope you enjoy this very useful resource.


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Michael Teachings Community

On July 29, 2011, in Announcements, News, by ubiquitous

Some of you noticed that the “Students” link button on the right side of the MT
site was replaced by “Community,” yet it pointed to a dead link. I’m sorry about
that. I was trying to decide what projects to promote there, and then with all
the distractions in my life, I just forgot about it. Here’s the link:

I worked on it today, though, and the link is live again. It’s not fancy but I
included links to the MT forum, the MT Social Network, the old student database,
and the MT newsletter.

Here’s the link:

Michael Teachings Community

The MT Social Network was created several ago to house student profiles, such as
role, soul age, overleaves, and so on. I’m now using that in place of the old
student database. You can also upload your personal photos there and even create
your own blog. If you never registered there in the past, you might want to go
there right now and sign-up.

Here’s the link:

Michael Teachings Social Network



Michael Channeling This Sunday – 6/5/11

On June 3, 2011, in Announcements, by ubiquitous

Nancy Gordon is back this Sunday to channel Michael for us.

We start at 9 PM eastern and will meet in the MT chat room. Go to:

Reminder: Nancy does not wish to answer questions of a political nature. And please do not ask chart questions, such as: what is my role, overleaves, etc..

See you on Sunday!