Join us this Sunday for live Michael channeling with Shepherd Hoodwin. Here’s more information from Shepherd regarding this event:


Every other month, usually on the first Sunday (the second if it’s a holiday), I do a Michael teachings program on The next one (this Sunday, July 11, at 6-8 p.m. Pacific/9-11 p.m. Eastern) will be a continuation of the channeled series on the overleaves. We won’t be taking personal questions (including channeling overleaves) during this session. However, please think about general questions you have about the overleaves.

In the last three sessions, Michael focused on centers, modes, and attitudes, respectively. I don’t know what Michael will choose to teach this Sunday, but I assume they will continue to focus on one overleaf per evening, such as the goals. Incidentally, we are always looking for volunteers to transcribe the channelings; please let us know if you’re interested.

Here is where you go to listen live Sunday:

There’s a phone number (also listed there) that you can use to call in with questions or comments: 646-200-0420. If you can’t phone in, there will also be a written chat room for questions and commentary, as well as socializing before and after:

Please keep off-topic chat to a minimum during the broadcast. If you have a question for Michael, prefacing it with QUESTION: will make it easier for our moderator, Dave Gregg, to see it. If you have trouble getting into the chat room, you might try a dedicated IRC program. It’s a good idea to test your chat room connection well ahead of time. We start and end strictly on time because BlogTalk regulates our “air time” just like a regular radio station.

When I channel, there may be quiet periods, especially at the beginning, while Michael is working with the group energy. It is recommended that you use that time to meditate and notice what you are experiencing.


If you can’t participate live, the recording and perhaps a transcript will be available, along with most of my other online recordings, transcripts, and written chats of Michael channelings and workshops, at:


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