Channeling: Overleaves Series Continued

On September 12, 2010, in Announcements, Channeling, by ubiquitous

This Sunday, Shepherd Hoodwin continues his channeled series on the overleaves.
It starts at 9 PM eastern. As we’ve done before, to hear a live audio feed of
the chat, go to BlogTalk Radio. To call in live, the number is: (646) 200-0420.

Here’s the BlogTalk link:

We suggest simultaneously logging into the MT chat room so you may receive
pertinent announcements during the chat. The chat room is also where you may
type text-based questions if you’re not calling in live. Be advised, however,
that Shepherd is only accepting questions related to his chosen topic. Please do
not ask what your overleaves are. That information should be reserved for a
private session.

And remember, you must go to the BlogTalk link to actually “hear” the event. The
MT chat room is only used to communicate with you or to take questions without
disrupting the channeling. Here’s the MT chat room link:

The past sessions of this ongoing series have been very informative, so I hope
to see you all for another great session this Sunday. Your sincere support
always helps the energetic flow.


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