Michael Channeling This Sunday – 3/14/2010

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This Sunday at 9PM eastern, Shepherd Hoodwin is back to continue his on-going series of channeled chats about the overleaves. His previous session covered the centers, so we’ll move forward from there, focusing on the goals, modes, attitudes, chief features, and so forth, over the course of the year.

Shepherd won’t be channeling individual overleaves for anyone, but Michael will answer questions related to the evening’s topic. So if the channeling is about the goals, for instance, any questions about that topic would be welcome. I think there’s a great opportunity here to learn more about the core fundamentals of the teachings, so don’t think of this as just something for newcomers. Your questions could lead Michael into new and exciting directions.

This event will broadcast via audio at Blogtalk Radio. To listen, make sure your computer speakers are in working order, and go to:

* BlogTalk link (to listen)

We also would like you to simultaneously have a second window open to the MT chatroom, so you can receive written instructions (if necessary), or type in questions if you’re not calling in.

* MT Chat:

Since BlogTalk operates on a set schedule, we promptly start at 9PM eastern. If you’d like to call-in to the show and ask a question live (that’s always fun), the number for the broadcast is (646) 200-0420. Once again, your question should be related to the evening’s topic.

I hope to see you all for a great outing with Michael. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best, Dave


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