New Blog: The Demented Plane

On March 29, 2011, in Announcements, Humor, by ubiquitous

I’ve added a blog to work in alliance with my Michael teachings humor site. It’s called “The Demented Plane” and I hope to update it at least once a month — perhaps more when I have the time. It’s one of those “just for grins” projects; an amusing diversion from the part of my life that involves sick parents, dying dogs, hackers, and missing cats. We all deserve some fun on occasion, don’t we?

Either way, you’ll find a comfortable recliner, a telephone, a TV, and a little psychosis — all the things you’d ever want in a blog.

So go check it out and bookmark it for later. And if you have a site, link to it. You can also add a comment, and if you really like the blog, just go ahead and lick your monitor screen.

Here’s the URL:

The Michael Teachings & Beyond



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